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Causes of Spinal Pain

As we get older, one health problem that often arises is a spinal disease. Of course this can make a person feel uncomfortable and want to resolve it. Actually there are several ways to deal with pain in the spine, one that is by applying the correct sitting position and always stretch at least every 30 minutes if you work at the computer. So what might be causing pain in the spine itself? For more details, see the following article.

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Causes of Spinal Pain

Here are some factors that cause back pain :

Too often use high heels
The first cause is too often use high heels. as you know high heels can make a woman look much more attractive and sexy. However, if you overuse these shoes, it will also cause a wide range of negative impacts on the health of one of them is pain in the spine. This is because high heels can affect the alignment of the bone movement and suppress the spinal cord. So if you use these shoes continuously course, can cause spinal aches and pains.

The mattresses are not suitable
Causes of back pain subsequently mattress that does not fit. Did you know mattress is one of the important factors for maintaining spinal health. In choosing a mattress, you should choose a mattress that is able to sustain the body proportionately so that the spine can rest in the appropriate position. Choosing a mattress that is too soft is not recommended, because the muscles are not able to support the body properly. So when you use this mattress, will cause bone pain later on waking.

Position one time in front of computer
When studying or working at the computer make sure you pay attention to your sitting position. Due to wrong sitting posture can cause pain and back pain. Correct sitting position is sit down with your shoulders parallel to the foot position, hand position while typing make sure you are not crooked eye position are required to look down compared staring at a computer screen. To prevent back pain, you also stretch every 30 minutes.

Bad habit
Did you ever make a habit of twisting the waist or neck to reduce muscle tension? Almost everyone has been doing this one. But did you do this continuously it will cause chipped and damaged joint surfaces. As a result, these joints become unstable and too lax. Therefore, you should avoid bad habits this one.

Now that some of the causes of back pain that you should know. Read also the article about medicine pain naturally.

Understanding Chronic Renal Failure

Chronic kidney disease (chronic kidney disease / CKD) is a condition when the kidney function begins to decline gradually. This condition is permanent. CKD status changed to renal failure when kidney function has decreased until it reaches the stage or late stage.

CKD is a disease that generally can only be detected through urine and blood tests. Symptoms of a general nature to make people with the disease is usually not aware of the symptoms until it reaches an advanced stage.

Understanding Chronic Renal Failure

Chronic Renal Failure-Alodokter

Advanced CKD generally suffer symptoms: shortness of breath, nausea, fatigue, swollen ankles, feet, or hands due to a buildup of fluid in the circulation of the body, shortness of breath, as well as the appearance of blood in the urine.

Blood and urine tests on a regular basis every year is highly recommended for people at high risk of developing chronic kidney disease. You are at high risk, such as if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, and a family history of chronic kidney disease sufferers.

Causes Impaired Renal Function and Chronic Kidney
The kidneys are located below the ribs. The shape resembles a pair of nuts on both sides of the body.

In addition to having the primary function of filtering waste from the blood before it is converted into urine, the kidneys also function:

Regulate the levels of chemicals in the body that helps the heart and muscles to work properly.
Helps regulate blood pressure.
Producing a kind of vitamin D substances which maintain bone health.
Producing a glycoprotein hormone called erythropoietin that helps stimulate the production of red blood cells.
Some conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure causes the pressure in the kidneys. In the long term, these conditions make the above functions will not run properly.

People with Chronic Kidney Disease in Indonesia
Chronic kidney disease affects about 10% of the world's population. The high number of diabetics in Asia make kidney failure more common in Asian population. In addition to diabetes, high blood pressure is also one of the strongest causes of chronic kidney disease in Asia. Indonesia is among the top 10 countries in Asia with the highest cases of kidney failure.

PERNEFRI (Society of Nephrology Indonesia) and the Ministry of Health found that patients with chronic renal failure in Indonesia reached 25 to 30 million people.

In addition, the disease is also associated with aging. The older you are the more risk of suffering from kidney disorders. The elderly, starting from 60 years, most at risk of developing chronic kidney disease. An estimated one in five men and one in four women aged 65-74 suffering from kidney failure in a specific stage.

Various Ways Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disorders
Diagnosed CKD and relatives can make you feel anxious. Consult a physician and fellow sufferers can make you find a way to get this disease does not take over your life.

This is because there is no cure for kidney failure. Treatment of this disease focus only slow or stop disease progression and prevent the emergence of other serious conditions.

Changes that occur in the body's circulation makes people with chronic kidney disease become more risk of suffering a stroke or heart attack.

In some people, chronic kidney disease can cause the kidneys to stop functioning entirely. This condition is called end-stage renal failure (established renal failure / ERF). Dialysis treatment can help people with ERF order to stay alive. These treatments work process resembles the artificial kidney.

To be Avoided Chronic Kidney Disorders
People with certain conditions that lead to the risk of chronic kidney disease such as diabetes and high blood pressure are advised to be aware of their disease progression. Lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and avoiding excess alcohol consumption will help prevent kidney failure.

Beware of Coronary Heart Disease In Women

Beware of Coronary Heart Disease In Women - Heart disease is generally considered a disease of men. In fact, one in four women died of cardiovascular disease. This amount is more than deaths caused by all types of cancer. It makes coronary heart disease (CHD) one of the main causes of death in women.

CHD in women has the risk of a greater cause of death than the men. CHD in women commonly found in older ages than men. It is caused by:

Beware of Coronary Heart Disease In Women
Beware of Coronary Heart Disease In Women

There was a decrease in estrogen hormone during this serves to protect blood vessels from damage during post-menopause, so the risk of heart disease in women has doubled. The decline in estrogen also increase the levels of fat in the blood, causing thickening of the blood vessels that can cause CHD.
Women with CHD usually experience more serious complications, because it is more often found in the accompanying diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and kidney disorders.
Blockage of the small blood vessels or microvascular are more prevalent in women. Blockage of this kind is more difficult to detect with standard tests are available at this time.
Lack of knowledge of women about the dangers of heart disease, generally making them aware of the symptoms of the disease, thus causing a delay in the diagnosis.
Symptoms of heart disease that occurs in women are different from symptoms in men. In women, symptoms include heartburn, pain in your back or neck, shortness of breath, rapid accomplished and heart rhythm disturbances. The symptoms of this are not recognized by most women so often lead to delays in seeking help in the event of a heart attack.

Some of the major risk factors of CHD in women include:

Women with diabetes mellitus or diabetes have a two-fold risk for CHD, and have more severe complications than men
Women who smoke have 6-9 times the risk of CHD, whereas in men is 4-6 fold
Women who are obese or overweight
family history
The decline and cessation of estrogen production, but hormone replacement therapy in menopausal women also pose the risk of CHD
The initial step is to perform early detection such as measuring blood pressure, check your blood sugar and cholesterol, and begin to live healthy. Healthy life can begin by taking regular exercise that is at least 30 minutes 4 times a week such as brisk walking or jogging, stop smoking and keep your blood pressure below 120/80 mm Hg, total cholesterol level less than 175 mg / dL, LDL cholesterol less than 100 mg / dL and fasting blood glucose levels less than 100 mg / dL.

Immediately consult your heart health when experiencing symptoms of CHD, as well as live further examination. Self-consciousness for examination and early treatment can reduce the mortality rate of CHD in women.

Swallowing Sperm For Health Benefits

In a marital relationship, often times I saw in movies, when the man ejaculates, sperm sprayed into the mouth of a woman, and the woman swallowed whole the partner's sperm. Office friends I often tell the same thing, they say a man's sperm have many positive benefits for the body. I summarize the existing literature on the Internet through the Google search engine, incidentally the founder of Google Sergey Brin repeated year 40 (data based articles mba Ellen Maringka entitled "menggugel 'google', The Phenomenal Sergey Brin" and of story office friends, and results summaries related side effects or benefits of swallowing sperm of the man, I say in this article:

1. Frequent swallowing sperm, making a pair to have a happier life because of the stress level is low, because the sperm have chemical substances that can improve mood and sense of compassion, fix the hours of sleep, and contains at least three anti-depressant substances namely thyrotropin-releasing hormone, melatonin and serotonin neurotransmitters known or unknown.

2. Frequent swallowing sperm, making faces of men and women who are in pairs, a long time will look similar. Perhaps this is the people in my hometown that a couple was his soul mate because she looked like. Others say they've copied the blood, because the sperm are united in the blood.

3. Frequent swallowing sperm, making the skin smooth and taut. This is due in sperm contains substances that are very good for the skin. For those who do not want to swallow, usually quite rub it on your face and leave it for 20 minutes, as does the maskeran.

4. Frequent swallowing sperm, keeps the body slim. This is a diet is not immediate, because once gorged swallowing sperm, especially when up to one gallon, then the desire to eat or drink is gone, as a result of the body become slim.

5. Frequent swallowing sperm, the ageless. This is because in the sperm contains many substances that are nutritious and good for the body. testimony about youthful is also delivered directly by a businessman friend of mine, his wife yangh happy to swallow the sperm, benefits, she still looks very pretty and look young. (Age 55 years my friend, his wife of 25 years)

6. Frequent swallowing sperm, making the pair became more faithful. This is due to the sperm are ingested by the women of our mates, that tastes good, delicious and savory, made it addictive. Moreover, if our doctrine, another man's sperm tastes and segurih senikmat not present, then the pair will be hooked, do not want another man's sperm and faithful to your partner. Everywhere the food is tasty, delicious and savory the addictive and sought after. That is a summary of the benefits and side effects swallowing sperm based on google and stories by word of mouth. May be useful.

Tips for Breast Cancer Prevention

Data shows breast cancer is the leading cancer killer of two after cervical cancer. Nine out of ten women are willing to make lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Actually, much research is still needed to understand the causes of breast cancer and completely. But there are certain steps for each woman can take to help reduce your chances of developing breast cancer.

Tips for Breast Cancer Prevention

1. Alarm for yourself

More than 90 percent of breast tumors are detected by women themselves, so keep an eye on changes in your breasts should be an essential part of every woman's health care. Note also the changes that occur in the breast, usually a lump and swelling accompanied by pain in the long run. You can use a mirror to make sure the changes your breasts. Taking the time to examine your own breasts so that if you have things that are not normal, you can immediately consult a doctor.

2. Breastfeeding

For those of you who have just given birth, we encourage you to give exclusive breastfeeding as breastfeeding you will memeiliki lower risk of breast cancer. This opinion is based on the theory that breast cancer associated with estrogen. Many researchers believe that many bodies are exposed to the hormone ekstrogen the greater the risk of breast cancer. With breastfeeding, it can reduce estrogen levels of women, the cause of breast cancer.

3. Find out the family history

If you have a family history of breast cancer, then you should be wary. This possibility will be doubled to you suffering from breast cancer. Breast cancer is a disease that can be caused by genetic or derivatives. It is estimated that one in five hundred people carrying the defective gene that could make them vulnerable to diseases, including breast cancer.

4. Reduce your intake of alcohol

Unhealthy lifestyles cause several types of diseases attacking you. Did not rule out the development of breast cancer cells. Alcohol has been linked to breast cancer in some studies. The researchers believe this may be due to the fact that alcohol increases estrogen levels.

5. Keep the weight balance

Obesity seems to increase the risk of breast cancer. The researchers found that women who ride 22kg-25kg after age 18 have a 40 percent higher risk of developing breast cancer. Therefore, it is important to your health, especially maintaining the weight balance. You can start by eating healthy foods and beverages, especially to avoid junk food that has a high fat content. Studies show that with foods that contain high levels of fat will create a high risk of developing breast cancer.

6. Sports

Exercise can reduce the risk of breast cancer. This is because research shows that the less you exercise, the higher the level of estrogen in the body. Half an hour exercise routine three times a week is good for health to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

7. Consult regularly

If you have a history of breast cancer, then you can consult with a doctor in order to avoid breast cancer. Actually, not only for those who have a risk of breast cancer but for all women, it is important for the health check .For those of you who have entered the age of 40- 50 years. This is because of the fact that happened eighty percent of breast cancer cases occur in women over 50.